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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. breaki news. santa cruz police are revealing new details tonight about a high price prostitute who killed her client with a deadly dose of heroin, police say. and left him to die on a yacht. police say the client was 51-year-old forest hay as google executive. 26-year-old alex tickle man faces charges in his death. it happened back in november and investigators say video taken
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by security camera on hawaiis yacht shows his death. and tickle man leaving the scene without getting him help. police say she admitted to having more than 200 clients all of whom she met throughout a web site. >> this particular case we know that she was offering the ability to bring heroin into the equation to make that part of the experience. >>reporter: police say the two had met few times prior to hays murder we have a life report from closer look at the investigation coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. so tune in for that. >> mean time terrifying scare today. vile of the smallpox virus was found lying unnoticed in a lab. smallpox. it is one of the deadliest viruses known to man. and we thought we would never see it again on this how did this happen. abc 7 chief medical editor richard vesser with the answers. >> tonight real alarm about how the vile of smallpox most feared virus left in a low security fda laboratory for
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decade. forgotten in refrig rated storage room at the national institute of mental health health in maryland. >> if this material is infectious and the vials had broken what could have happened. >> there is potential that come 1 could have contracted the disease. >> the vile from the 1950s were discovered one week ago when the cop tenths of the storage room were being moved. opening the box workers saw an alarming label. that smallpox. they quickly moved into a biohazard lab with camera scanner and alarm where everyone wear pros techtive gear. national security council was notified. 5 agency. including the fbi. worked out plan to transport the deadly virus safely to atlanta late last night. packed up. escorted to the airport by federal local police. flown on government plane to cdc headquarters. smallpox which is highly contagious. killed two million people a year as recently as 1967. but it was eradicated une
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campaign to get people vaccinated. by international agreement sample in only 2 lab. cdc in atlanta and one in siberia or so we thought until today. law enforcement long feared what could happen if terrorist get their hands on smallpox and turn it into a weapon. the newly discovered vile now on level 4 lab. security so tight you now need an eye scan to get access. the smallpox discovery comes just week after the cdc acknowledge possibly expg dozens of lab workers to anthrax. those workers currently being treated with two month of antibiotics. >> first anthrax. now smallpo smallpox. should web worried? in both cases which are unfortunate cdc response was swift and deliberate to ensure public safety and to try to get to the root cause of what had happened. good news the vile not open so no one endangered. if the virus was out we had vaccine that would have protected anyone exposed.
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dr. richard vesser abc news new york. >> san mateo grand jury raising concerns about the safety of the newly opened devil slide trail in pacifica. the trail opened in march after section of highway 1 was rerouted through a tunnel. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is in pacifica. >> the sign says 15 miles per hour t the real speed limit on this former stretch of highway 1 is harness attached to the leash. without it the 3-year-old pup would sprint down devil slide trail. the lab owner loves the area so much. >> they have done a beautiful job here. >> she and her husband donated a bench in memory of her parents. >> i remember riding if my dad 49 chevy. and thinking we'll go off the evenly. >>reporter: danger ended when the tunnel open in the park department converted the highway no a hiking biking horseback path. but grand jury report relessed today highlights 3 new concerns.
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including look of hard line or cell phone service in case of emergency. >> you don't have your phone 20 years ago we didn't have cell phone. >>reporter: could you have cell service here yes would it be nice sure. is it going to make me not want to go there. no. >> report also recognizes the potential danger of the guard rail saying a child might crawl underneath and tumble down the cliff in. europe you go walking out on cliffs with no railing, nothing and everything is okay. you know. kid learn these things. >> grand jury also wants to study about prohibiting horses from the trail. saying fog make pavement wet and horses could slip. >> i think that's crazy. >> report suggested the park department make improvement by the end of the year. in pacifica, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> oakland police on carjacking case waited it out to catch a thief. they chased the suspect into what became a stand off. sky 7 hd show swat members
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there on the scene at east 24th street today. all started this morning when officers tried to pull over a stolen car. 2 people inside took off running. while one escaped another ran into a house. police evacuated neighbors and after nearly 5 hours of negotiations, that man surrendered. police continue to search for the second suspect. >> bank of america branch in san francisco is closed through at least tomorrow because of a suspected drunk driver who crashed her car through the doors this morning. unbelievable damage. police say the woman believed to be in her 40's narrowly missed hitting a muni bus packed with commuters. investigators say they are pulling video from bank of america and nearby traffic camera in order to piece together exactly how this happened. >> solo driver and vehicle was traveling at high rate of speed south bound on mission street the when it lost control in the intersection and did subsequently jump the curb and strike the bank behind us. >> after police araved the woman went to the hospital with
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life threatening injuries. investigators say they are looking into the crash as possible case of dui. >> only on abc 7 news this evening we hear from a key witness questioned by prosecutors in the shooting death of a teenager boy shot by sonoma county deputy. lopez was killed last october by deputy eric gill house. the district attorney cleared gill house of any criminal wrongdoing as we reported to you yesterday. he saw the 13-year-old carrying an air assault gun designed to look like assault rifle moments before deputy arrived. spoke to wayne pb this. >> i tell him to throw the thing away. because the police is behind. >> did he pay attention to you. >> he don't pay no attention. >>reporter: he told us he believes it was not necessary to somewhat the boy. the district attorney decision reignited anger over lopez death. his family and activist
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believe gill house overreacted. even though the district attorney ruled that he acted in self-defense. >> two mount lions sighting in less than a week in san mateo but police issue a warning for rest didn't about the potential for more. first sighting happened near back yard on fern wood street. second sighting on sunday in unincorporated area of queens lane. police say residents should avoid hiking or walking when mountain lions most active. that's daw dawn, dusk or at night. now if you see one do not approach it. do not run either. and try to look bigger by waving your arms or throwing rocks at it. do all you can to look more impose jooing more to bring you7 news at 9:00. she's being called the banana pants bandit. the crime caught on surveillance video everyone looking for a thief. >> also. solar power and not just for homes any more. look at the latest way to harvest the power of the sun's rays.
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speaking of sun rays. spencer has the weather. >> good segue. remember the high humidity of yesterday? well it's going down and very soon temperatures will be going way up. i have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thanks spencer. >> and the boy wizard grows up. the surprise new harry potter novel we didn't expect. 7 news at 9:00??
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>> residents of san jose willow glen neighborhood are just a bit surprised and perplexed over this piece of video. woman caught on video stealing a campaign yard sign. but their dismay not over the theft so much but what the woman was wearing. the bright yellow pants that you see and now she's been dubbed the banana pants bandit. david looks at the caper and those yellow pants that everyone is talking about. >> one person who should be upset about what this video shows isn't. it was mayor candidate whose campaign sign was snatched off the lawn of supporter. >> it's fair to say i won't be forming any banana pants bandit task force and i don't intend to go to the da office with this. >> the banana pants bandit. that's the moniker everyone is using to describe the culprit. while the woman face isn't clearly visible there is no miss taking the bright color pants. maybe not the best
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choice for low profile. that has many chuckling. >> that's kind of embarrassing. i'm sure she's sitting at home going my gosh. >> fashion foe paw. >> definitely sign snatched off the loan of this home captured on the family security camera. >> we were kind of blown away. all of us just went my gosh somebody actually did take the sign and my gosh she's wearing yellow pants. how could she been doing that in broad daylight. >> sign stealing is not uncommon in san jose elections. >> i'm not sure anyone involved in the sign war really figured out that signs don't actually vote. people do. so i don't get too worked up about it. but i do think this is beneath is. >>reporter: the opponent in the mayor race is county supervisor david court. call to the campaign manager to request interview not returned. for now the banana pants bandit identity is still a mystery. >> somebody has to be awful dumb in today day and age to do this. especially with the
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modern video equipment going on. >> in the willow glen neighborhood patriotism sign unmolested and political sign on front yard gets taken. maybe the best lesson learned from this is political sign sometimes safer inside than outside. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> taking a local wine to pair with your local produce just got a little bit easier. today governor brown signed a bill that allows limited wipe tast tasting in farmer market in california. they have been selling full bottle for awhile. now applies for license to give out sample to try before you buy. sample can be no more than 3 ounces each. >> it may the only piece of technology you ever buy that creates electricity instead of uses it. latest solar panel are on display at the inner solar conference in san francisco. of jonathan bloom explains that this year it's not so much about the panel themselves but about what
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people are doing with them. >> they may the world funniest lacking rest cars. >> fiber frame with so already panel on top. padded with foam and they go really fast. >> high school senior is the reigning champion of solar rol roller. >> take on a project like this and learn about solar cell litheum battery, working with carbon fiber. all those things. >> built from scratch they go 28 to 30 miles an hour and only briefly stop to charge under these blinding lamp originally made for marijuana grow house. contest could soon go international. >> then inner planetary eventually to make it. >> move lots of things like transit system. >> move people with the energy they sit underneath. >> here not just about making more power but using less. >> don't want to have rubber tires on asphalt road. want to have steel wheel on steel rail. >> guide this robot racing around adjusting solar panel. >> like those who follow the sun. by doing so it's producing up to 45 percent more
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energy from the same solar panel. >> by far the biggest challenge for the solar industry is getting the panel on to people are top. buying solar for the house daunting. now one bay area company trying to change that. not with new hardware but with new software. >> homeowner pishtion oakland basis putting the i-pad in lois hardware store with satellite image of every bay area neighbor. >> the design sitting on the roof. >> tell it where you leif and software figure out where the panel go and how much power you will actually generate. >> we look at the vonding buildings. we look at the surrounding tree and obstruction. figure out how much shadebstruction he put on to the roof. >> one more hurdle. >> take eight hours to install a solar system from start to finish. but can take up to 6 week to get the same system permanent through the local government. >> bill in the state assembly could fix that. change worth singing about. ♪ if like the sun up in the sky. >> in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news.
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>> well the lights went out tonight around one of reno largest casino. cell phone video shows the inof the grand sierra resort. people remain by the slot machine as the lights flicker in the casino outage happened after thunderstorm knocked out power to about 7000 people. power has since been restored. which means slot machines fired back up again. people are winning money. >> right. spencer is here. >> own the joint. >> winning winning. >> that's true. >> look at live doppler 7 hd. >> we have got mainly clear sky over our inland area and low clouds and fog at the coast. early in the evening look like the cloud make a run across the bay. that may the delay until later tonight. wider view show thunderstorm activity that occurred earlier in the late afternoon early evening hours in the sierra. taper off the moisture still moving up to the north. had been a concern up there lightning strike triggering fire and still red
9:18 pm
flag warning for high fire danger in northern california from mount shasta and 11:00 o'clock tonight. the threat is diminishing as the chance of any lightning diminishing. back to the bay area the camera looking at a portion of the sky line of downtown san francisco under partly foggy conditions. 58 right now in both san francisco and oakland. 64 in both san carlos and san jose. 59 gilroy. 57 in half moon ba bay. beautiful view of the we were sky still aglow long after sunset. low cloud moving in from the east bay hills camera. temperature readings of 57. 59 nap a.63 novato. 67 fairfield and concord and 65 at livermore and lovely view of the bay bridge from our emeryville camera. these are forecast feature see low clouds fog redeveloping and expanding overnight. it will be cooler the next couple days. by couple degrees then we have a chance of some spotty early morning drizzle next 2 morning mornings. so bear that in mind
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as well. could be a couple of little wet spots in the early morning commuting hours. starting forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. we see low cloud fog spreading well inland across the bay and again that increases chance of spotty early morning drizzle. overnight low generally in the mid upper 50's. similar rain last several nights. generally mild all across the bay area. 1 or 2 location may have low that won't even drop below 60 degrees. now we assume the animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and during the late morning midday hours fog burn back to the coast line. familiar summertime pattern. it will be mainly sunny day but a little bit cooler tomorrow than today by couple degrees. especially some of our inland locations. starting in the south bay look for high tomorrow in the upper 70's for the most part up to 82 morgan hill. 83 gilroy. on the peninsula generally mid or mid upper 70's. 76 at redwood city palo alto and mountain view. on the coast upper 50's pacifica. 60 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 64 tomorrow. up in the north
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bay see high generally up every 70's to 80 at calistoga. east bay high 69 oakland. 72 san leandro. 76 castro vaechlt inland east baylow mid 80's then upper 80's to near 90 farthest. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm-up comes over the weekend because next three days 4 days actually through saturday the high pressure range is sort of a steady pattern. see some low 90's inland on sunday. mid 90's inland on monday and tuesday. not exactly a heat wave but certainly very decent warm-up. >> toasty but not bad. >> exactly. >> thanks spencer very much. >> still to come 7 news at 9:0 9:00. emotional and record breaking world cup today. just ahead the reaction in brazil and all over the world
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. >> the german are moving to the finals once again of the world cup after blistering defeat of team brazil. >> brazil world cup is surely over. >> under statement. the german won the match 7-1. it was brazil worst loss in world cup history. team worst loss in any match in 94 years. of course at schroeder german beer hall in san francisco fans were happy they cheered on the german team for the record 8 world cup times. fine out tomorrow who team germany will play for the championship. argentina against the netherlands kicks off at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn. and bay area world cup fans are good sports. even though team usa no longer a contender. the guys are all smiles in brazil wearing the u.s. jersey. having a great time. you know we want to see your world cup fan photo. as this massive event begins in
9:25 pm
wind down. get your photo into us. now is the time. e-mail us at u report at this site or up load the pictures through our news app or at 7 slash you report. >> another sport now. baseball fan is suing 2 espn broadcasters accusing them of mocking him on national television. yankees fan andrew fell asleep in the seat at yankees stapled. there he is. slumbering away. happened during an april game against the boston red sox. his lawsuit claims commentator john kroc and dan schulman made fun of him using offensive languag language. you be the judge. >> how comfortable is that? probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. i mean is that goo i to his left his buddy just letting him sleep or here alone? what's the deal. >> maybe that is his body and he likes him a lot better when asleep. >> if that seem really bad?
9:26 pm
well he sued them 10 million dollars because episode hurt his reputation. he claim the future earning potential. he says they unleashed avalanche of disparaging words. neither announcer has commented on the suit. >> well another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at then coming up here next on the brink. rocket raining down on israel and the rails trying to blast them out of the sky before they hit. and then this. >> taking our head in the sand only is not going to make the problem go away. >> children in crisis. one san francisco supervisor wants to help unattended kids left at the border. >> and why scientist are predicting that the red will become extinct. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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>> israel iron dome missile defense system engaged tonight. rocket attack targeted jerusalem as israeli army launches mainly offensive in the gaza strip. good evening once again. begin this half hour overseas and the east ka oscillating tension in gaza. the any khpt feud between is israelis and palestinian an is ratcheting up by the hour. alex is there. >> running in terror as sirens wail. incoming rocket today over israel biggest city. most brazen and provocative attack yet by palestine militant. over tell a75 interceptor fired by the famous iron dome anti-missile system knocking a
9:31 pm
rocket out of the sky so far an estimated 150 rockets flew into israel today targeting more than 10 cities. >> israeli forces have stream toward the gaza strip preparing for a possible ground invasion. the government authorizes the call up of 40,000 reserve troops. israeli war planes already in the sky. saying striking rocket launcher and hamas militant. in gaza we saw it up close. children scattering as missiles land. as we get closer a frenzy. ambulance pulling away with wounded child. at least one of those strike landed right over the wall here. you can see the massive hole. seconds later another one just nearby. the black smoke billowing to the sky. >> this violence fueled by the murder of the 3 israeli teenagers then rae vehicles killing of palestinian an teen as riots rage the mother of one of the israeli boys called for calm. >> shedding of innocent blood
9:32 pm
is against morality. >>reporter: but there noise calm in israel or gaza only anger and fear. this is gaza. >> and because of rocket attack in gaza u.s. embassy in there is operating on minimal staffing. until further notice. >> well now to the crisis at the u.s. border. president obama is diving straight into the debate asking for 3.7 billion dollars to deal with the problem. here's how it breaks down. 1.8 billion to care for uncompanyed children. 1.1 billion for transportation and detention. 4 33 million dollars for over time and other border patrol costs and 64 million for immigration judge teams and legal aide. so the big question will all of that help. jonathan karl has more from washington. >> with anger over the border crisis at boiling point. >> we have to stand up and fight. >> the white house today asked
9:33 pm
congress for 3.7 billion dollars to deal with the flood of unaccompanied children coming in the united states illegally. nearly half of the money would good to care for the children while they await deportation hearings. most of the rest for beefing up border security and hiring new judges and lawyers to process the cases. it's going to be a tough z.republicans accused the president of asking for a blank check. over all more than 5 52 crossed the border alone since october. white house has refused to say how many of them have been deported. >> i don't have a specific number in front of me john. couple things. pretty small number right. not many are showing up at the hearings. >> i don't have the number in front of me john. >> president obama travels to texas tomorrow for political fundraising in dallas and austin but also meet with texas governor rick perry. it may a tense conversation. perry has blamed the president for the crisis even suggesting he's part of the coordinated effort
9:34 pm
with central american government to break the children over the border. >> i don't believe he particularly cares whether or not the border of the united states is secure. that's the reason there has been this look of effort this look of folk thus look of resources. >> one place the president won't be visiting on wednesday is the border. despite intense criticism from republicans and even some democrat contracts the white houses the president doesn't need to good to the border because he's already been there and fully aware of what's going on. jonathan l abc news the white house. >>reporter: well there is a very different response in san francisco to the border crisis. lee ann has more now from city hall where supervisor wants the city to lend a hand. >> san francisco is a city for children and families. >>reporter: at this rally today in front of san francisco city hall several supervisors made it clear. hundreds of central american kids will continue to cross the border and land in san francisco whether you like it or not.
9:35 pm
>> these kid are going to keep coming and we need to have a response and sticking our head in the sand only l is not going to make the problem go away. >>reporter: supervised david introduced resolution asking the board to commit to helping the kid who make it to san francisco. on average 100 a month. they would be offered shelter and other social services while they wait for their deportation hearing. important piece in the restlution is to offer legal services to expedite the proceedings. abigail is the director of legal services for children. >> the goal of the office of refuse you gee resettlement reunify the children with family or other appropriate adult as soon as possible. >>reporter: most sent back to their country. >> these are children who are fleeing extreme poverty and violence in central america. i think it's really important to keep in mind that the jurp here it self is unbelievably traumatic and dangerous. >>reporter: campos will also conduct hearings to ask city department what they can offer
9:36 pm
the children while they wait. >> i don't know what feasible in terms of what san francisco can do but i think we all have a part in make thanksgiving happen. >>reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee already in conversation with other city leaders and organizations to address the crisis. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> the people legally bought marijuana for the first time today across the state of washington. buyers flooded seattle only pot store before it opened for business. washington joins colorado as the only state where pot can be legally sold for non-medical reasons. one woman waited outside overnight to be the first customer. >> it's the the quality that you get. i don't know, i don't have to say i'll take one. you get it's like a candy store. like chocolate. never get enough. >>reporter: if only 25 stores have permit to sell pot in washington. some store owners
9:37 pm
hope they have enough marijuana the first wave of customers. mayor what is your profession is still illegal under federal law. >> vl interesting question. could natural red head become a thing of the past? an organization that studies genetic history the group is in scotland looked at gene mutation responsible for red hair and appeal skin they think mutation may response to cloudy weather. pail skein more sensitive to light and absorb more vitamin d from the sun. if the climate change is less cloudy the group think that is people would stop developing the gene mutation because they would get enough vitamin d without it. so we shall see. >> coming next. boy wizard making come back. harry potter grows up. and in a brand new grows up. and in a brand new story. abc 7 news at 9:00 back
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. >> well now to something that had almost everyone buzzing today. it has been seven years since the last harry potter book. the series sold 4 50 million copies around the worl world. now harry potter is making a surprise come back in a new story that we didn't expect. lindsay davis explains why we can't call him the boy wizard any more. >> when we first met this or fan boy filled with magic he was celebrating his birthday. screws 11 years old. >> we can expect great things from you. >> over the course of 7 best selling book 8 blockbuster movies we watched this little wizard and friends grow. but this was the last we heard from harry potter until today. new chapter. hair now a father of
9:42 pm
2 is about to turn 34. and while he has a couple of thread of silver in his harry continues to wear the distinctive round glasses he wore as a boy. ron who is famous jipger hair appears to be slightly thinning runs a joke shop and is married to her a mother of 2 with successful career in manual cal law enforcement. harry potter is back. sort of. in a post on jk rowling potter more web sit site. >> harry hasn't left me to the degree i thought he would. i'm quite glad. >> rowling described hounded by tabloid press write this 1500 word update as if it were a newspaper report written by fictitious gossip columnist rita. >> and non-fiction she writes anyone closely connected with harry potter wreep the benefit and must pay the penalty of public interest. the penalty of public interest today rolling potter more web site
9:43 pm
reportedly crashed. too many people were eager to read what this the time may harry final chapter. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> i wouldn't bet it's the final chapter. coming up next. 7 news at 9:00. one man close encounter. you hear him describe an electrifying experience. b
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh take your time. no rcome on.y. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can you. >> this just in now. we just got word new state proposal would find people who waste water up to 500 dollars a day. today the state water resources board revealed emergency regulation that it will consider next week. violations would include cleaning sidewalk with hoses. over watering lawn so water floods the street. that's the clue. or washing
9:47 pm
cars without reduction nozzle. all no no. the state is trying to reduce water usage during this terrible drought we are in if approved any public employee who can write tickets will be allowed to enforce the law. board will hear comments during a public hearing next tuesday then consider adopting the rules for the rest of the year. we literally just got word of that. well denver man talking about what it is like to get struck by lightning. watch. wow! chad greenley standing in his garage recording a thunderstorm on his cell phone last night when a lightning bolt just knocked him out. greenley says that right after he began recording he smelled something electrical and felt a tingle. >> hail was just really pounding and i started filming. i pan this way. came back this way. and tom before i could, i smelled it and before could i turn and step away barack obama. it hit. boy did
9:48 pm
it ever. now greenley has abrasion on his arm and bump on his head. probably from a fall. he also has a body ache but no entry or exit burns. one lucky guy. but remarkable video able to share. spencer is back. those thunderstorms back east always make me nervous. >> scary stuff. lightning not to be taken lightly. no pun intended. i did not mean to pun there at all. but how does that strike you. here's live doppler 7hd mainly clear sky across the bay area right now some low clouds fog at the coast beginning to push across the bay and that will be the pattern overnight. state wide tomorrow it's another hot day in many location. temperatures at or above 100 degrees at chico yosemite, palm springs 81 los angeles pretty warm here in the bay area we actually see inlistened location couple degrees cooler than today. we had a couple 90 degree plus readings today. mainly upper 80's inland east bay tomorrow. mid 80's other
9:49 pm
inland location. 70's around the basement upper 50's to 60's on the coast. accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have steady pattern through saturday and start to warm-up sunday monday tuesday inland hay back into the 90's. mid 80's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. it's warm but not excessively hot. >> how does that strichblingt you are a real live wire. >> i am indeed. >> let's start out as joke campaign on kick starter has turned into a viral sensation. ohio man who wanted to raise 10 dollars. 10 bucks. to pay for his first ever attempt at making potato salad has now raised more than 60,000 dollar dollars. if software developer started campaign just 6 days ago on good morning america he said started as something silly but now wants to turn it into something positive. >> i want to do the most gi can do with this. kick starter stz had the terms of service that prohibit giving money directly to charity but i have asked people on twitter i want to ask
9:50 pm
people here today just how we can take this moment the, this campaign and this money and do the most good with it. >> oh, great. >>reporter: there have also been a lot of copy cat hoping for own kind of success like the noodles soup campaign. >> collin is showing off the new tattoo. artist calls money is the root of all evil look at this thing. kaepernick posted this picture on instagram. a pile of money at root of tree with a snake wrapped around it. out stretched arm. kaepernick may think money is evil but boy he has a lot of it. he got the new tattoo shortly after sip sipeing 1 26 million dollar contract becoming one of the highest paid players in the nfl. a little bit of a hypocracy there. seems to like money just fine. >> as long as he can keep playing like he's playing. i don't care what the art looks like on the body. >> this is what you need to do for the big game this weekend candlestick. >> growing up our parents were
9:51 pm
a little different. draw something on yourself. if going at it. we have updated highlights and as dan mentioned i train for the big game. full i train for the big game. full routine next in sports
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coming up tonight at 11. developing news tonight. tech titan murdered. hay end prostitute caused of t crime. live report on this bizarre story. that's coming. >> plus a violent armed robbery in the middle of the afternoon. why local police are calling this particular crime so disturbing. those stories the and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00. hope you join me over 11:00. hope you join me over on channel 7 >> all right larry. we have a lot to talk by. a little bay bridge series start off. giants handing the fourth shut out in the last games looking like the same result. trying to keep the giants offense dow down. jam in the secth. first third 1 out. rookie joe. next
9:55 pm
batter crawford goes down swinging. gave up this with 7 innings of work. baumgarner in the fourth. cocoa crisp single up the middle. on sec. after the double races home. oakland up 2 nothing. 4 batters later. norris hits it where they ain't. rbi single. fellow all star 8's up 4 toing in. turns on grit fast ball over the wall in the right second of the year. first at bat as giant back on may 13. scoreless streak snapped 16 innings. right now in the 9th a's up 6-1. highlights at 11:00 on abc 7. this afternoon american league home run derby captain jose announce today slugger. will defen the home run derby championship. this year midsummer classic in minnesota put on a show at new york city field last year. beating the phenom harper. well the world cup host nation brazil just got whacked in today semifinal
9:56 pm
against germany. conceded 4 goal in 7 minute span. 5 in 29 minutes. both brazil and germany looking to advance the record 8 world cup final. 11th minute. cruz corner kick. mueller left uncheck right foot volley one nothing germany. tenth career t-stay with it in the box. all time world cup leading goal scorer with sixteen. mueller misses the shot but cruz is there. 3 nothing germany. minute later. cruz and sammy. playing a little back and forth before cawz buries the second goal. 2 easy. 4 nothing. tears start falling in brazil. concede the fourth goal in 7 minutes. all alone in the penalty area. just too easy. 5 first half goal for germany. win 7-1 and inconvenience to the world cup final on sunday. after three days england tour de france enter france for the 101 mile race. champ broom cut off down
9:57 pm
and injury the wrist and leg injury. he would be okay. henderson crashes hard. on the round about. withdrew from the race. the in the end win third stage of the tour. however vincent will keep the yellow jersey. all right for you old school forty-niner fans. final foot game at the -- football game for this saturday july 12th forty-niner legend and me led by joe montana will face marin 0all star flag football game. joe steve young jerry rice and clark all there. i have been training so i thought i would give you a peek of the before and after. >> they team up to the do the forty-niner victory. >> w thought would i let everybody in on the work out for the up come flag football game at candlestick park and know the first thing you have to do is stretch before you work out. so get a little stretching in. touch my toe almost. the all right. i'm good. all right my least favorite thing when training,
9:58 pm
run in step and man there is a lot of these. if take a break. don't have any weight at home. kid in the park. the city san francisco kind enough to shut this down to work out in secret because i don't want to give away any of my new route i'm running. see if i can find somebody to throw me a ball. all right. i think i found a all right. i think i found a quarterback sp kaepernick has nothing on this kid. i want to thank liam for being my training partner and quarterback you can good to our welcome back site for ticket information. should be fun for everyone. firehouse tomorrow 4 to 6 signing autograph get out in the sports report brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. >> the kid has an arm. >> he has an arm. watch out for name a future. >> i have to say your training regimen is wonder you made it to the nfl. i'm tired wavrping watching you. >> that is this edition of 7 news for iron mike and spender we appreciate your time see you in an hour on the big 7. in an hour on the big 7. that's great
10:00 pm
jeff: pierce, you made us all drive out to a warehouse. at least tell us why. i know as much as you. i got a letter from the executor of my father's estate. said come with seven friends. you brought six. who else was he gonna bring? levar burton. mr. hawthorne. all: oh! i apologize. gilbert. even from the grave,


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